Diane No. 3 (roof leaks)

Owing to a recent roof leak, I had occasion to climb up onto the roof of the Botwin Building. As I ascended the ladder and stepped through the hatch, I was greeted with the spread of tall, currently dormant grasses that live on top of the building. Swaying to and fro in the wind, the grasses sang a dry, crackly song as they brushed against one another. I was tired and nervous about the roof, and anxious to get this problem resolved.


Joining our roofing vendor in the area of the leak, we went about discussing a probable diagnosis and appropriate course of action. Our roof landscaper would have to be involved, and this was likely going to be somewhat of a chore. My mind traveled to areas of potential problems, high costs, and inconvenienced tenants. As we walked back across the roof, I lightly stubbed my toe on a length of gas conduit obscured by the grasses. I winced. The group of us stepped down the ladder and I could feel my mood taking a turn for the negative. The pleasantness of the rooftop grasses now struck me as a liability in the successful repair of the roof.

In the coming weeks, all of the attendant roof issues would come to resolution. All of the vendors involved did a great job, and I have not had to let loose any more expletives as a result of this roof leak. What seems to strikes me now as I am sitting down to write about this experience, is how quickly my thoughts and feelings could morph into such sour grapes.


I am not by any means advocating a willing ignorance of anger as it wells up inside of you. If you stub your toe, by all means let your frustration fly free. What I am promoting, especially in myself, is a deliberate and hopefully daily focus on those things that do make me feel a sense of appreciation.

Beautiful roof grasses, great vendors, and the privilege to own and maintain a building about which I care deeply, are among the many things for which I am thankful. As spring starts to come on line and what has been dormant now begins to grow, I encourage everyone to take some time to think about all those things around them that are worth some good appreciation.