Diane No. 4

            Outside my office window sits a small courtyard with a garden bed to the side. Our landscaping vendor has previously prepped the bed with mulch, and I can see the beginnings of plant life now peeking out. It’s always such an exciting time of year, I think mostly because in all of this nascent growth I can see so much future potential. As I mentioned in my last post, there are so many ways in which I can appreciate, deeply, the planted roof we have at 500 W 75th St. Much like the garden bed outside of my office, it too is beginning to spring forth from dormancy.


These plants and grasses have lived and grown with me for many years now, and each spring I have the chance to reflect on where we all are today. With the excitement and uncertainty that each year brings, I know that the flora around me will be here, growing, through all of it. Although I can’t stop and have a conversation with a blade of grass or a flower, in many other ways I do have an ongoing relationship with these plants. As they struggle and persevere and hopefully triumph, so do I do the same. Furthermore, when I can stop and appreciate the beauty contained in the landscape, I also have the chance to reflect on how much I value the skilled work of our landscaping vendor, Doug Davison.

Construction of the duplex at 7509 Penn is moving steadily along. Like the plants in my garden bed, this duplex project coming to life promises so much (uncertain) potential. How will the duplex tenants interact with their living space? How will the building interact with the surrounding neighborhood? How will our interaction with the duplex grow and change on a business level? While the perennial plants have been with me for years now, this new duplex is just being born. I, for one, am very excited to see how the duplex fits into the surrounding environment when the plants return from dormancy in Spring of next year.