Learn and Maintain

Much of our business at the Botwin office involves the ongoing maintenance of older buildings. Arthel was built in 1924, 75 Waldo in 1904, and the Waldo Building in 1924.  While there is much to admire in the craftsmanship and quality of materials that went into erecting these structures, there are also many ways in which these buildings can show their age.

masonry blog post.jpg

In looking to complete some tuck-pointing around Summit Grill, we recently had the pleasure of working with Haynes Masonry Works. Neville Haynes has many decades of masonry experience, and it is always interesting to hear both the ins and outs of his profession, as well as to watch him execute his skills in repairing our building. He explained the ways in which brick masonry of that time sought to achieve impermeability (in this case the walls are 18 in. thick and completely composed of brick). He was also able to tuck-point this brick in a manner consistent with its original construction. In the end, we’re really glad that our building is, once again, safely water-tight.