Tenant Testimonials

Botwin believes in creating and fostering meaningful and respectful relationships. Whether this is your first time leasing space, or your thirtieth, Botwin will be there to help you find the right space for you. The signing of a lease is just the start of a relationship, and through kindness, being prepared, and listening, Botwin has established a reputation for fostering long term relationships with our tenants. Don't just take our word for it; feel free to see what our tenants have to say.

I have been a tenant for almost five years with Botwin Commercial Real Estate. I have truly enjoyed working with Diane and her son’s since the inception of my company. From the very beginning, I could tell that Diane truly cared about growing the community and growing small businesses. I will always remember the genuine concern they shared for our well-being when our build-out was taking longer than expected and stress levels were high.

The Botwin company has exceeded all expectations in their role of “building owner” as without asking they have added extra lighting outside for safety, upgraded our heating/cooling system, put in new windows, and are always happy to answer questions or come by and help with little things here and there. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with other local business owners; and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Botwin Group, as they have been nothing but fair, transparent and helpful. I truly look forward to a life-long relationship with them.

For over a quarter century, the Gown Gallery has had an amazingly fruitful relationship with the Botwin real estate family. Over that time, we have grown as a business and a brand, thanks in great part to their professionalism and personal touch. Having survived fire and economic downturns, we are now thriving at one of the finest locations in Kansas City, in a building in the Crossroads Arts District, which represents our brand’s commitment to artistic excellence and a unique customer experience. Botwin Property Management has helped us become the Midwest’s premier bridal and women’s formal wear provider and we owe a great deal to the Botwins. We look forward to building on this solid foundation as we continue our success and our friendship.

I have been a tenant in the el dorado designed Botwin Building since 2011. Owning a business would not have been possible for me without the assistance of Diane Botwin and her team. The compassion and support Diane and her family has given to me and my business over the past six years is above and beyond a typical property owner. The Botwin team views their tenants as individual human beings with dreams, and goals, not just a way to make money.

Six years ago I started my business at the age of 29 in a 900 square foot space with just one employee. Today, I am in the same beautiful building, but in a 2200 square foot space with 13 employees. Although, their have been some rocky patches in the past six years for me as a business owner, my business has overcome struggles and is continuing to thrive and grow.

Through the years, I have always felt such a strong support from Diane Botwin as someone I can go to if I have a question or concern not just in business, but with life in general.

I could not recommend a better company to work with than the Botwin Family partners. Their investment to their tenants goes beyond just a business. They make it personal, and work to build positive relationships.